AlertMe™ -   Consumer Identity Theft Monitor 

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Monitor Your Financial Activity


Early detection and quick response is key in limiting financial losses due to identity theft. CAMC Federal Credit Union takes your financial security seriously therefore, we can now offer our members a credit monitoring tool through Fiserv Solutions, Inc. called AlertMe™ to notify you of any changes to your credit history.


AlertMe™ offers the following:

  • Daily monitoring of your credit bureau files.

  • Email notification of any posted credit activity if there are any changes to your credit file.

  • Low cost service with automated monthly billing right from your account for just $4.25/month.

  • Online access to credit reports.

  • A yearly reminder to order your FREE annual credit report.

  • Identity theft insurance of up to $25,000 underwritten by American International Group (AIG), Inc. to cover out of pocket expenses you may incur as a victim of identity theft.

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For your information, additional resources on identity theft are listed below. (Accessing these links will take you away from the Credit Union's web site. The information in these sites is for information only and does not constitute any endorsement by CAMC Federal Credit Union.)




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