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Your credit union offers competitive rates, flexible terms and convenient service. We have a loan that’s right for you.


New & pre-owned vehicles - Let us put you in the driver’s seat! Low rates, flexible payment options, convenient pre-approval, money saving refinance options, extended warranty plans, loan protection coverage, etc. What could be easier? 

Refinancing -  Available at new auto rates within 60 days of new auto purchase made outside of the credit union. 

New & pre-owned boat, RV & travel trailer/new & pre-owned motorcycle, ATV & jet ski - By land or by sea…what’s your pleasure? RVs, campers, motorcycles, boats and jet skis have become very popular with families looking for ways to spend quality leisure time together. Whether you are a first time purchaser or looking to upgrade, there are a variety of types and sizes on the market to choose from. Discovering the model that is right for your needs may require talking to the dealer or to other owners. Then, once you’ve made your selection, see your credit union to help arrange the financing. 

Home equity line of credit/home equity loan - Money at your fingertips with a home equity loan. Planning to purchase a new car or boat? Want to make some home repairs or add a new room? Want to take a dream vacation or consolidate your debts? Our home equity line of credit offers these great benefits:

  • No annual fee.

  • Under our current loan promotion, no closing costs may be available, or we may pay half your closing costs, depending upon your initial line of credit balance.

  • Lines of credit available from up to 85% of appraised value based on credit history.

  • 24-hour access to your line of credit is available through our automated telephone service (Key-24). As well as via CU-Online our internet banking service.

  • 8-year draw period.

  • Flexible payment options.

  • Interest may be tax deductible (Consult your tax advisor.)

  • Rates based on predetermined margins at, below or above the prime interest rate published in the Wall Street Journal depending on loan-to-value and credit history.

Fixed rate home equity loans are also available with five and 10-year repayment periods for qualified applicants. Property insurance and other restrictions may apply. 


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Home mortgage (fixed and variable rates available) Owning a home doesn’t have to be just a dream with a credit union mortgage loan owning your own home is the American dream and your credit union can help you purchase a home that is affordable. Even if you’ve had some problems obtaining credit in the past, we may be able to help you turn your dreams of home ownership into reality.


A home mortgage loan through your credit union offers these great benefits:

Current market rates with as little as 3 percent down payment to qualified applicants.

  • Low closing costs. 

  • Fixed rate or adjustable rate (ARM) Mortgages payable for up to 30 years.

  • Quick closing dates with people you know and trust. Credit union approval within two days and closing generally within 30 to 45 days assuming there are no outside source delays.

  • Rates can be set at time of approval and locked in for up to 90 days, or you can choose to float with the market until five days prior to the closing date to ensure that you receive the most current rate.

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Personal line of credit  Unexpected expenses? Wouldn't it be nice to have money available when you need it? A personal line of credit provides that cushion.


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Personal/Signature Loan  Loans are just a signature away. Your credit union understands that there are times when you need money for special purchases. A signature loan allows you to budget a certain amount each month for repayment. 

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Making your loan process even easier…

We’re always looking for ways to simplify and improve the services we provide to our members. Your loan experience with CAMC Federal Credit Union will provide you with the following significant benefits:

  • Simplified application process providing flexibility to accept recurring loan applications by phone or fax for faster loan service. 

  • Fixed interest rate feature allows you to budget your payments until you decide to refinance, repay, add-on or otherwise liquidate your original loan advance.

  • Mechanical breakdown coverage provides extended warranty coverage on new and pre-owned vehicles. Our extended warranty insurance is available on qualifying autos within seven days of purchase on vehicles having up to 80,000 odometer miles and within up to nine model years old. As an added benefit, you can sign up anytime as long as your eligible vehicle has at least one month and 1,000 miles remaining on the original manufacturer’s warranty. 

  • Credit life insurance with a total and permanent disability benefit up to $50,000. 

  • Credit disability Insurance covering most temporary disability events with a payment provision after 14 days of disability.

  • GAP Loan Insurance helps to cover the difference between payoff amount and vehicle loan value. GAP Plus offers members a $1,000 down payment option towards the purchase of a new vehicle financed at the credit union.

  • Peace of mind from dealing with people you know and trust to ensure your financial privacy is maintained at the highest level.

  • Quarterly statement of loan activity - 24-hour access to your balance information, recent transaction history, or to draw on your existing line of credit is available through our automated telephone service (Key-24) and internet banking service CU-Online.



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